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PURPOSE:Develop and lead the medical affairs team within relevant TA,coach MAto collect medical unmet needs and analyze the medicalmacroscopic trendof relevant TA. Coach MSL team to identify regionalunmet needs, designand execute regional MSL medical plan, and to drivethe exchange ofunbiased scientific information between medical communityand TakedaChina.. RESPONSIBILITIES:1.Strategic Synergy and Oversee
•Guide MA to develop medical strategy and prolong lifecycle ofproductsbased on medical unmet needs in clinical setting.
•Oversee national non-promotion activities includingexpertiseconsultation meeting and non-promotional scientific meeting.
•Assess and review investigator initiated studies requests andmedicaleducation assistance application.
•Guide the MSLs to develop regional medical plan based oncompetitorintelligence, academic needs, market situation and provincialpolicy tomeet unmet regional needs, synergy into an overall MSL strategyin thenational level.
•Co-visit with MSLs to provide coaching and feedback on a regularbasis,support MSLs to build and maintain the long-termscientificcollaboration relationship with KOLs in relevant TA.
•Lead MSL to share medical insights from KOLs with internalstakeholdersin a timely and consistent manner.
•Responsible for coordinating cross regional medical projects, byoverallmanagement and work assigning.
•Support MSLs to identify KOL’s research capability &interestingarea and the feasibility of IISR possibility with Takeda,receiveunsolicited investigator initiated sponsored studies (IISR)requestswhich fit for medical strategy, escalate for MA’s review if appropriate
2.People Management
•IRecruit the right candidates who fulfill competency model ofTakedaMedical, to build up and maintain the whole team, minimize theturnover rate.
•Lead and guide team to achieve success, by clearly KPIsettings,consulting and supporting for specific medical projects asneeded,periodically performance review and feedback.
•Guide team to establish and execute Individual Development Plan(IDP)based on Takeda Medical competency model, give feedback and coachtostrengthen their capability, opportunities seeking and design fortheircareer development.
3. Others
•Additional scope of responsibilities and other therapeutic areasmayapply if assigned by the line manager.
•Ensure the compliance of the overall team, fair and balancedinformationon the benefits and risks of Takeda products, therapeuticoptions, andthe disease state in Takeda are delivered in regionalmedical activities.
  • 药学

  • 硕士

  • 5-10年

  • 不限

  • 未填写


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